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You can work in the healthcare industry and make a difference to patients by staring a career as a certified nursing assistant.  You can train to become a CNA without spending a lot of time and money.  If you have no prior experience working as a certified nursing assistant in another state, you will need to complete and pass a nursing assistant certification course and examination.

Training Course and Requirements

Search for a nursing assistant training program that has met all requirements set forth by the state of New Hampshire.  You will find that some CNA courses are called licensed nursing assistant courses in New Hampshire.  You will need to enroll in a training program that is fully accredited and will make you eligible to sit for the nursing assistant examine.

State approved courses will be 75 hours or more.  You will have lecture and other classroom instruction as well as a clinical segment.  This will provide you with the opportunity to gain the necessary background information for a career as a CNA while also gaining hands on experience.  The course will prepare you to complete all tasks and skills that are required in a career as a nursing assistant.

Certification Renewal

You can maintain your nursing assistant certification by completing the renewal forms every two years.  It is important to always provide the best level of care for patients so that you never have any complaints against you.  The renewal forms will ask that you verify that you have been employed as a nursing assistant or in related job position within the past two years.

Complete the renewal forms in their entirely as instructed in the renewal packet.  You should receive the forms for renewal automatically.  Take the time to complete them and submit them before your current certification is set to expire.  If you have not worked over the past two years, contact the Nursing Aide registry for instructions on how to renew your certification.

Transfer of CNA Certification

You might not need to complete a nursing assistant training program if you already hold a valid nursing assistant certification in another state.  You can apply to have your certification transferred to New Hampshire.  Request a form to apply for a transfer of your CNA certification.  You can contact the nursing aide registry in New Hampshire for this application. Complete all sections of the application and submit it for consideration.  The state will ensure that you were fully qualified as a nursing assistant in your former state and that your certification is listed in good standing.

Your Questions Answered:

Q.  I will become a certified nursing assistant if all goes well too.  I had to attend a training program that was approved by the state of New Hampshire.  It seems to me that additional education is needed for most careers these days. Will I need any more training after I pass the nursing assistant certification exam and during my career as a CNA?

A.  Additional training is required to make certain you always have the most up to date knowledge.   You will need to have 12 contact hours at a minimum during each calendar year.  The training does not just have to come from classes.  Many lectures and conferences will also be counted towards the required training.  In many cases, your employer will cover the cost of training.

Q.  I know that I will need to be listed on the New Hampshire Nursing Aide Registry to work as a certified nursing assistant.  I know this is the list that employers will use to verify my certification and other information.  I am wondering what details about me will be on the nursing assistant registry?

A.  The registry will, of course, include your name and other contact information.  Various identifying details will also be provided so that an employer can verify your identify.  The date in which you became listed on the registry will be provided.  The date of your certification being issued and expiring as well as your certification number will also be provided.  The nurse aide registry must also provide details on any finding of neglect or abuse from your employment history.

Guidelines by State:

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