CNA Certification in ND – North Dakota

You should be proud of yourself if you are planning to train for a career as a certified nursing assistant.  This is not always the most glamorous career but is one in which you can help others who are ill or who have long-term health problems.  It will be necessary to complete training before you can take the examination to become a certified nursing assistant.

Training Hours and Requirements

Find a CNA training class that meets all requirements set forth by the state of North Dakota.  These programs will be 75 hours in length or more.  Your course will include classroom instruction, lab studies and often role playing.  After you spend some time in the classroom, you will begin to have clinical instruction as well.

The CNA training course will be held at a nursing care facility, community college or other institute of higher learning.  Some classes will offer you credit hours and others will simply provide you with continuing education credits.  All state approved courses will provide you with the information you need to sit for the examination for certification.

CNA Certification Renewal in North Dakota

Even if you are not planning to work regularly as a nursing assistant, you will need to work at least eight hours over every two years if you wish to keep your certification active.  All certified nursing assistants must renew their certification every two years.  In the state of North Dakota, you will receive your certification renewal packet about 4 months or so before your certification expires.  You should complete these forms as soon as you can.  If you do not complete them within a month or so of receipt, you will receive one more notice that your certification will soon expire.

The renewal forms will be used to verify that you are working as a certified nursing assistant or in a capacity where you provide nursing related duties.  The state will make certain that you do not have any felony charges against you and that you have no record of abusing or neglecting a patient.  If all is well, your certification will be renewed without much difficulty.

CNA Certification through Endorsement

Get in touch with the Nursing Aide Registry in North Dakota if you already have an active CNA certification out of state.  North Dakota will consider transferring your certification to North Dakota through the process of endorsement.  The state will make certain that you do in fact hold a valid and current certification in the other state.  They will also make sure that you completed all training and examination requirements to become a certified nursing assistant in that state.


Q. I won’t bore you with details but I only ended up working for eight hours over two days in the past two years as a CNA.  My renewal is due for my North Dakota Nursing Assistant Certification.  Since I have only worked for eight hours, will I be able to renew my certification if I meet all other renewal requirements and standards?

A.  You can renew your certification even though you only worked for eight hours.  There are some states that require those eight hours to be consecutive.  Fortunately, North Dakota is not one of those states.  They only require eight total hours.  You are fine as long as none of those hours were for orientation.  Orientation hours do not count as part of your paid work as a nursing assistant.

Q.  Do I need to have previous work history in a medical related field if I am going to apply for acceptance to a nursing assistant training course?  I would like to try out a new career and thought that a job as a CNA would be a good option.  A job in retail sales was the work that I did previously.

A.   It is not necessary to have previous experience to enroll in a CNA course.  The training program will provide you with the training you need.  During the training, you will gain hands on experience during the clinical component.

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