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You can attend one of more than 100 certified nursing assistant training programs in North Carolina if you want to become a CNA.  The training courses will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to work as a nursing assistant in various healthcare settings.  You can search for training programs at community colleges, nursing care facilities, nursing schools and other institutes of higher learning.

Training Hours and Requirements

You will need to attend a training class that has been approved and maintained by the Division of Health Service Regulation.  This department has established the curriculum requirements for all approved training programs.  These training courses must encompass at least 75 hours of training though some courses will include even more.  You will spend some of your training in the classroom and some of your time participating in clinical instruction.

The course must be completed successfully before you can apply to sit for the nursing assistant certification exam.  This exam will have a skills portion where you will demonstrate several nursing assistant skills that you learned.  There will also be a written portion of the exam.  Nursing assistant certification tests are administered by the Pearson VUE company in North Carolina.

Certified Nursing Assistant Renewal in North Carolina

You will need to renew your certification every twenty-four months when working as a CNA in North Carolina.  If you do not want your certification to lapse, you will want to work for pay as a nursing assistant for 8 hours or more during that time.  You will also want to make certain you complete any required continuing education classes.

When you receive your nursing assistant renewal forms, complete them as soon as possible.  You can follow the instructions to ensure that you are renewing your certification without difficulty.  Send in the forms to the address provided in advance of the date that your certification is due to expire.

CNA Certification Through Reciprocity Not Offered

You cannot apply to become a certified nursing assistant in North Carolina through reciprocity.  Many states will allow you to transfer a valid certification to that state, but North Carolina does not offer this option.  You will need to complete a state approved certification course if you want to become a CNA in North Carolina.  It will also be necessary to sit for and pass the competency exam before you can work as a certified nursing assistant in North Carolina.


Q. My husband wants to move to be closer to his twin brother who lives in North Carolina.  We are currently living in Florida.  My husband has already found work.  I am a certified nursing assistant in Florida and am hoping to continue this career in North Carolina.  Does North Carolina offer certification to nursing assistants through reciprocity?

A.  North Carolina is actually one of the few states that do not transfer or offer reciprocity or endorsement for nursing assistants from other states.  It is still possible to become a certified nursing assistant.  You would need to attend a nursing assistant certification training program approved in North Carolina or you would need to successfully sit for the North Carolina CNA competency exam

Q. Pretty soon I will be completing my nursing assistant training.  Soon after, I will be sitting for the exam.  I am anxious to begin work.   I am wondering if it ever possible to work as a certified nursing aide before I have been listed on the registry in North Carolina?

A.  You might be able to work as a nursing aide for up to four months until you are listed on the registry.  This option only applies if you are working in a skilled care facility.  You can only work in locations that have agreements with your training program provider.  This is to ensure that your training program staff will answer questions if you have them while you are working.  You can only have four months to work from the date of your enrollment into the state approved CNA program.

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