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If you have decided to become a certified nursing assistant in Missouri, you are probably aware of the fact that you will need to attend and complete a nursing assistant certification course.  You will also need to sit for and pass the exam for certification.  You can then enter into a rewarding entry-level career with a reasonably good income.

Training Hours and Requirements

Missouri has strict requirements for certification.  The guidelines for the courses are set forth by the Department of Heath and Human Services.  Whereas, the federal government only requires CNA training courses to be 75 hours, Missouri requires 175 hours of training.  Seventy-five hours of this training will be spent in the classroom with another 100 hours spent in clinical training providing hands on experience.

The course will teach you how to perform basic care services for patients.  You will also learn how to help prevent the spread of disease and how to respond in emergency situations.  Your course will help to prepare you to protect a patient’s privacy and to always treat patients with dignity and respect.

Once you complete the entire nursing assistant training course, you can sit for the examination to become a CNA.  Please make certain that you do attend a state-approved training program in order to be eligible for the exam.

Transfer Certification From Another State to Missouri

You can contact the Department of Health and Senior Services in Missouri if you want to apply to transfer a certified nursing assistant certification to Missouri.  This is only possible if you currently hold and active and valid certification in that state.  Along with the application to transfer your certification, you will submit a copy of your certification from the other state to the Department of Health and Senior Services.  It is necessary to have worked for 8 hours or more as a CNA or in a related position in order to transfer certification.  If your application is approved, you can become a CNA in Missouri without attending a Missouri based training program.

CNA Certification Renewal

Be prepared to receive your certified nursing assistant renewal forms a couple months before your certification is due to expire.  You will need to renew your certification every two years if you want to continue working as a CNA.  If you have not worked at all during that time period or have not worked in a CNA (or related position), it will be necessary to sit for the certification exam again.


Q. I made some mistakes a few years ago when I was working as a certified nursing assistant.  As a result, I received a marker on my nursing aide registry details for misappropriation of funds when I was working at a nursing care facility.  I have been thinking that I would like to work as a certified nursing assistant again especially since I have turned my life again.  What do I do to begin working as a nursing assistant again?

A.  It will not be possible for a nursing care facility that receives Medicare and/or Medicaid funds to hire you. These providers are not able to hire individuals to work as certified nursing assistants if they have federal markers for misappropriation of funds, neglect or abuse.   It is not likely that any other facilities would hire you either.

Q. I live in Missouri and am planning to become a certified nursing assistant.  I interviewed with a nursing facility and they offered me a job.  They said that I would be able to receive all the training I need and then would work for them as a certified nursing assistant upon completion of all training and testing requirements.  Will I pay for my training or will the employer?

A.  If a company has hired you to work for them before you are certified; they will need to pay for the training necessary for you to become a certified nursing assistant.  Even if the company has offered you employment but you have not yet started work. They will need to pay for the CNA training that you need.  Keep in mind that you can be required to agree to work for that employer for an amount of time you agree upon since they are paying for your training.

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