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You will need to attend training or apply to have a certification transferred to Illinois if you want to work as a certified nursing assistant.  As a CNA, you will provide basic care services for patients in healthcare and home health settings.  You can receive training at nursing care facilities, community colleges and other educational facilities.

Hours and Training Requirements

Nursing assistant training programs in Illinois must be approved by the state if you are going to be able to sit for the exam for certification.  Courses will be taught by a registered nurse with supervisory experience.  These courses have both classroom and clinical components.  Courses will last for at least 120 hours.  You will be able to find both part-time and full-time training options.  The training courses will help you to learn to perform the tasks of a certified nursing assistant well.  You will also learn about communication, managing emergencies, protection patient rights and more.  The course must be completed successfully before you can sit for the exam to become certified.

Transferring Certification From Another State

You can certainly apply to have your certification transferred to the state of Illinois if you hold a CNA certification in another state.  You will not need to attend training in Illinois if your application for certification is accepted.  The state of Illinois will require you to complete an application and send in various documents for verification in order to determine whether or not they will be able to accept your certification.  They will ensure that your hold a valid certification and that you completed all necessary training when you became a certified nursing assistant in that state.  You might need to have a background check as well.

CNA Certification Renewal in Illinois

You will need to renew your nursing assistant certification by the expiration date on your certification in order to continue working as a CNA.  In order to be able to renew your certification you need to have worked in your field at some point for pay during that two-year period.  You must be listed in good standing on the Nursing Aide Registry.  You will need to complete and submit the renewal forms before your certification is set to expire.  Do not forget to submit any requested fees.  In some instances, your employer will pay the renewal fee for you.  If you allow your certification to lapse, you will need to sit for the certification examination again.

Questions and Answers:

Q. I am an LPN license in Illinois.  I have the opportunity to work as a CNA.  The job offer would allow me to have a better schedule than I do now.  This is more important to me than my job title or job duties right now because I am one of three children helping to care for my father who is ill.  Is there any way that I can take this job as a CNA even though I did not have CNA training?

A.  You would not need to be listed on the nursing assistant registry or meet other CNA certification requirements to work as a certified nursing assistant as long as your LPN license is not expired and so long as your license is in good standing.  If you meet these requirements, then you can obtain employment as a nursing assistant.

Q. I am currently in a certified nursing assistant training program in Illinois.  It would be nice if I could begin working in this field to gain more experience and to earn an income.  Is there any way that I can start working as a CNA before my training is complete?

A.  An employer can hire you at this point as long as it will not be more than 120 days until you complete your training and sit for the CNA competency test.  You must also be enrolled in a program that has been approved by the state to qualify for work.  If you do not become listed on the nursing aide registry within this time, you will no longer be able to be employed as a CNA.

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