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Certified nursing assistants in Connecticut offer basic care services for patients in health care as well as home health settings.  You will assistant individuals with activities of daily living and provide other care services.  You can become a certified nursing assistant in Connecticut if you complete a training program and pass the competency exam approved by your state.

Training Programs and Requirements in Connecticut

If you want to become a CNA in Connecticut, you will need to attend one of the training programs approved by the state.  These programs will offer 100 hours of instruction (or more).  Some of the training will be provided in the classroom and some training will be in a clinical setting.  Before you can complete any of the clinical training, you will need to complete at least 16 hours in the classroom.

Nursing assistant training courses provide you with the knowledge you need to communicate well with patients and their families.  You will learn how to provide care for your patients that is safe and effective.  Additionally, you will learn how to respond in emergency situations and how to obtain help for patients who are having a medical crisis.

CNA Certification Renewal

Your nursing assistant certification will expire after two years if you forget to renew it.  It is required that you work for 8 hours or more as a nursing assistant (or in a related position) if you want to renew your certification without needing to repeat the competency exam for certification.

Complete the renewal paperwork that you receive and submit it before your certification is set to expire.  Your current employer will complete a section of your form to verify that you are currently working as a certified nursing assistant or in a related job position.  You will need to send the application for renewal and any requested paperwork to the address provided with the renewal information.

Transfer CNA License to Connecticut

If you have a nursing assistant certification in another state you can apply with the Department of Public Health to have your certification transferred to Connecticut.  The state of Connecticut uses the process of reciprocity when they accept certification from another state.

You will complete an application for reciprocity of your nursing assistant certification.  It is necessary to send in all documents and verification forms requested.  If your application is approved, you will become a certified nursing assistant in Connecticut without the need to attend a training program or sit for the certification exam in Connecticut.

Q.  I am a nursing assistant who is currently working at a nursing care facility.  I have had an interest in making a change to private duty work.  I am concerned if I will be able to maintain my certification doing this work.  Is it possible to maintain my status as a CNA on the registry if I do private duty work?

A.  It is possible to remain active with your CNA listing even if you are doing private duty work.  You would need to use the following form to show that you have worked as a certified nursing assistant during each certification period. You must have part of the form completed by your employer.  Submit this form to the address on the bottom of the application.

Q.  I will soon be taking my nursing assistant certification competency exam here in Connecticut.  I have been reviewing the skills we learned during the course of the class.  What should I expect when taking the skills portion of the exam?

A.  When you go to take the skills segment of the test, you will need to show the test administrator your photo ID.  It will be necessary to empty your pockets of anything you have carried with you.  You will have some time to look around the room and to view the equipment that you can use.  Then you will be provided with a card listing the skills you must completed for your test and all instructions.  You will perform skills accordingly for the model patient.  You can make a correct to a skill you are still working on if you tell the instructor.  You should let the instructor know when you are done with each skill.

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