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In order to become a certified nursing assistant in Colorado, you need to successfully complete a state certified training course.  You will also need to pass the competency exam for certification.  Training programs can be found in nursing care facilities, some community colleges, some high schools and sometimes even at a nursing school.

Training Hours and Requirements in Colorado

You must complete a minimum of one hundred-eighty hours of training in Colorado if you want to become a CNA.  The training courses will be taught by registered nurses who have worked for at least two years.  Your training will include classroom and hands on clinical instruction.  The course will provide you with the information you need to safely and effectively provide care services for patients in a variety of healthcare settings.

After you finish your extensive training to become a CNA in Colorado, you will sit for the certification exam.

Transfer Certification to Colorado

You will be able to apply to transfer your nursing assistant Certification to Colorado if you hold a current certification in another state.  It will be necessary to complete an application to transfer your certification.  There will be various sections of the form that you must complete.

Before the state of Colorado can consider accepting your CNA certification, they will need proof that you passed a state approved training course and examination in your former state.  They will also check to make certain that you had no complaints against you when working as a CNA in the other state.

In Colorado, you might be able to sit for the certification exam without needing to take a course if you are a nursing student (who had completed nursing fundamental courses) or if you have an expired nursing or CNA license in another state.

CNA Certification Renewal

Do not forget that you will need to renew your certification every two years for as long as you wish to work as a certified nursing assistant.  Forms should be sent to you a couple months before your certification is set to expire.  This provides you with time to complete the form and submit them for processing.

You must have worked for pay as a certified nursing assistant or providing nursing related duties in the past two years if you want to renew your certification with ease.  You cannot renew your certification if you have any felony convictions against you or if you have had serious complaints filed against you by or on the behalf of patients.


Q. I am preparing to request approval to take the certified nursing competency exam in Colorado.  I was told that I could obtain an application online.  I have not yet had time to look at the application and forget where it is located.  What type of information will I need to provide on the Nursing Assistant Certification Test Application?

A.  You can download the application by visiting  You will provide all your identifying information including name, address and socials security number.  The application will also require you to include details about your state certified nursing assistant course you completed.  You will also be asked to list the testing locations where you could sit for the exam.  Additionally, you will select the fees you will be paying.

Q.  I will be taking the nursing assistant competency exam very soon.  I feel that I have studied well and made the most of my CNA course.  Even so, I just feel nervous yet about the written portion of the exam.  Are there any resources to help me practice for the exam?

A.  You can find practice certified nursing assistant exams and other study guides and resources.  However, an idea resource to use is the practice exam found here:  This practice test will prepare you will to sit for the written portion of the nursing assistant exam.  Questions on this test will be of a similar design to those on the actual competency exam.

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