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You can become a certified nursing assistant in California by attending a state approved training program and passing the competency exam.  There is a high demand for good certified nursing assistants in California.  You can start an entry level healthcare position by starting a career as a CNA working in the medical field.

Training Hours and Requirements

You will need to attend 160 hours of training if you want to become a CNA in California.  It is necessary to attend a training course that has been approved by the state of California if you want to become a certified nursing assistant.  California is one of the states requiring the most number of hours for training.

The training course will prepare you for both the certification exam and for your work as a CNA.  You will have classroom training as well as clinical training when you are preparing to become a certified nursing assistant.  The course will teach you with the skills you need to work safely and effectively in your new career.

Transferring CNA Certification to California

You can apply with the state of California for certification through Reciprocity if you hold an active certification in another state.   It is necessary for you to be listed in good standing on the nursing aide registry where you worked and received certification.  You must have attended a state approved training program in your former state and to have passed the competency exam for certification.

Contact the Nursing Aide Registry in California if you want to apply to transfer your certification through reciprocity.  Complete all sections of the application exactly as instructed.  It is necessary for you to have worked as a nursing assistant (or providing related duties) within the past two years if you want to transfer certification to California.

Renewal of Certification

A nursing assistant certification in California is valid for two years.  After two years, you need to complete the renewal forms to continue working as a certified nursing assistant.  You will complete the form in its entirety and attach any required documents.  Your employer will validate that you have been employed as a nursing assistant within the past two years.

You will need to contact the Nursing Aide Registry to determine how to renew your certification if you did not submit the renewal forms before the expiration date on your certification.  The same will be true if you have not worked during the past two years in a nursing assistant capacity.

Q.  I have recently become a CNA in California and am confused about my continuing education requirements.  I was told that during this initial certification I will need to finish a specified number of CEU credits in order to re-certify when my certification is set to expire.  How much training do I need?

A.  It is necessary for you to successfully complete a minimum of 48 total hours of continuing education.  This does not all need to all be completed at once as long as you meet this requirements before it is time to re-certify.  You can complete some of this training using online sources.  However, only 24 hours of the time you need to train can be through online resources.

Q.  I was a certified nursing assistant in California.  My wife was unable to work for a while and so I took a job somewhere else with higher pay.  I would like to go back to being a CNA but my certification has expired.  What will I need to do?

A.  You have not said for how long your certification has been expired.  If it has not been two years or more yet, you can complete the required CEU credits in order to be able to apply to renew your certification.  Otherwise, you will need to complete training again.  The training can be from a state approved refresher course of 75 hours or more.  In this case, it would also be necessary to take the competency exam again.

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