CNA Certification in AK – Alaska

You have made a good choice in deciding to become a CNA if you are looking for an entry-level health care position.  You will need to attend a state certified training program before you can sit for the examination for CNA certification.  Nursing assistant provide basic nursing care and related duties to patients in various healthcare settings.

Training Hours Requirements in Alaska

Any state approved training class in the state of Alaska will include a minimum of 140 training hours.  You will find that some courses will offer even more hours of training.  The training classes will be taught by a professional nurse with sufficient experience.  The class curriculum will include both clinical and classroom training.  Your training course will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to work well as a certified nursing assistant.  Courses will include classroom studies as well as hands on clinical training in a healthcare facility.

Transferring your Certification from Another State

If you hold a valid nursing assistant certification in another state, you have the right to apply to have your certification transferred to Alaska.  In order to be considered for transfer of your certification to Alaska, you will need to provide proof of your training and credentials.  The state of Alaska will make certain that you attended a fully accredited training program.

You will need to show that you are still listed in good standing on the Nursing Aide registry for the former state.  It is rather simply to apply to have your nursing assistant certification transferred from another state.  If your application to transfer your certification is approved, you will not need to take the certification training course or sit for the certification exam in Alaska.

Nursing Assistant Certification Renewal in Alaska

Every two years, you will need to renew your certification in Alaska.  In order to qualify for re-certification, you will needs to complete 12 hours of continuing education credits.  Every two years it will be necessary for you to work for a minimum of 160 hours as a nursing assistant or providing nursing related duties.

You should receive the forms to renew your certification at least two months before your certification is set to expire.  This will provide you with time to complete and mail back the paperwork.  The form will have a section for your current or past employer to verify that you have met the required number of working hours during the past twenty-four months.


Q:  I am 16 but have my GED.  I saw that a high school diploma or GED is needed to be eligible to attend a nursing assistant certification course in Alaska.  Even though I am young, I am wondering if I can attend training to become a certified nursing assistant and begin my career.  I want to get back on track after having left school.

A: Alaska is a state that will allow you to attend training to becoming a nursing assistant with certification at this age.  Some states require that you be 18 but this is not the case in Alaska.  Please keep in mind that if you move to another state, you might not be eligible to work as a CNA depending on age requirements in that state.

Q:  I saw that I need a background check to become a CNA in Alaska.  I was arrested for a misdemeanor several years ago when I was a lot younger.  Does this mean I will not be able to train for a career as a certified nursing assistant?   Am hoping something from my youth does not affect my career plans.

Answer:   A conviction on your record does not necessarily preclude you from becoming a CNA.  Obviously violet crimes, crimes against the elderly and certain financial crimes could make it impossible to become a CNA.  The state of Alaska will review your record to determine if you can become a certified nursing assistant.

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