What You Learn in a CNA Class

You will be curious as to what you will learn in a CNA class if you want to work as a certified nursing assistant.  It will be necessary to take a training course for CNAs and to pass a certification exam before you can work as a certified nursing assistant.

There is a lot you will learn in a CNA course. Courses include both classroom and clinical instruction.  Most courses are designed to have some demonstrations and alb studies as well.  All aspects of the nursing assistant training course are designed to prepare students for their new career as well as the necessary certification test to get to that career.
You will learn some basic anatomy and physiology in a CNA class.  The course will provide you with the background you need to provide care services for your patients.  This is why you will need to learn some basic medical and science information.

A CNA class will provide you with information on privacy laws in your state and Federal privacy laws for patients.  The course will also teach you safety information to help you ensure that your patients are always safe.  You will also learn safety measures to prevent your own injury when caring for patients.

A CNA class will help you learn to communicate well with patients even with those who will not be able to easily communicate with you.  The course should also help you to learn to protect the dignity of patients.  You will also learn the best ways to work and communicate with other members of your patients’ healthcare team.

Of course, you will learn dozens of CNA skills in your training class.  You will learn how to complete many of the most common duties associated with certified nursing assistants.  The course will teach you how to take and record patient vital signs and other pertinent information.

Your certified nursing assistant training course will teach you how to bathe and feed patients.  You will learn how to change patients who are unable to toilet on their own.  Additionally, you will learn how to help patients to dress or dress patients who cannot do so on their own.

A CNA training course will teach you how to prevent bedsores and how to safely reposition patients.  You will also learn how to move patients from bed to wheelchair and how to assistant patients who cannot walk well on their own.

Your training as a CNA, will help you to learn how to assist patients with activities of daily living and range of motion exercises.  There are a variety of skills that you will learn and then practice during your clinical experience portion of the course.

It is important to attend each and every classroom and clinical session during your training.  If you miss even just one session, you will find that you have missed a great deal of important information.  The more attention that you pay, the more you will learn during your classes and the better prepared you will be for your testing and for career.

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