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You might be wondering if there are actual online CNA courses.  The short answer is that yes, there are but there is more to it than that.  You can find some training programs that offer a portion of the nursing assistant training online.

It is not possible for all portions of nursing assistant training to be conducted online.  For example, you cannot fulfill clinical training requirements online.  This must be done offline at a healthcare facility or other hands on training facility in your local area.

Some online nursing assistant courses are actually for individuals who do not tend to receive certification. These individuals will often work as non-certified nursing aides.  If you do not complete a course that is approved by the state, you will not be able to obtain certification.

There are some online cna courses that do allow you to become certified as long as you complete your clinical training offline. Sometimes you will also need to do some lab work and other hands on instruction offline to fulfill all requirements for nursing assistant training in your state.

An online cna course can provide you with some advantages over ones that are offline.  These courses are often less expensive than traditional training.  They provide you with the flexibility you need to complete your studies in between work and other family responsibilities.

Search for online cna courses that are fully certified in your state and that will make you eligible to sit for the nursing assistant training course in your state.  Do your research on an online program very carefully.  Contact the school to ask questions and to make certain that the school is professional and that the staff members know what they are doing.

Look for feedback, rating and reviews on any online cna training programs that you are considering.  Talk to anyone you know who completed training online to find the most reputable online cna training classes.

Continuing Education Courses

Online cna courses are sometimes available for continuing education credits that you need each year to retain an active nursing assistant certification.  Many of the classes that you are required to take to keep you up to date on the information you need to be a good nursing assistant will be available online.

Online continuing education credits are beneficial because they allow you to finish your credits on your own timeline.  You can work on your course between work shifts and in between other responsibilities for your home and family.  In some cases these online continuing education credits might be free.  Your employer will often pay all or part of any fees you need to pay for additional nursing assistant training each year.

Keep in mind that you will need to finish some continuing education credits each year in order to keep your certification active.  If you do not keep up with these credits, you might need to go through all or part of the certification process again.  Use online courses whenever possible to help make certain you retain an active certification.

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