How to receive Free CNA Training from Nursing Homes

If you aspire to become a certified nurse assistant but feel that you do not have the financial means required for an education, then may want to inquire at your local nursing home or assisted living facility about a different means of assistance.

Many individuals would love to better their financial situation by means of a better education or a higher paying job.  A C.N.A certification can certainly accomplish both goals. However, for some, the probability of meeting these goals can seem further out of reach than a reality.  Times are tough financially and for many people they struggle just to make ends meet and to take care of their families on a day to day basis. There is financial assistance available for you in your state and one of the unlikely sources of this aid may be your local nursing home.

There are several ways to inquire about on the job training programs available for your area.  You can contact the State Department of Health or the State Department of Labor for your state.  These State Departments can provide you with a list of local nursing homes, long term care facilities, hospices and assisted living facilities that participate in on the job training programs.  These facilities are often reimbursed for training expenses by Medicaid.   You can also go online and use a search engine to look for nursing homes in your area to see if any of the facilities in your vicinity participate in any on the job training programs.  Lastly, you can go about it the old fashioned way.  Pick up a phone book and go through the yellow pages to search out local health care facilities. You can call them individually to make your inquiry.  It never hurts to ask and the worst they can say is no and then possibly point you in the right direction.

The facilities who participate in this form of on the job training are usually understaffed and often have a deficit of Certified Nurse Assistants and even Nurses with a surplus of positions that need to be filled.  What the facility will ask from you in return for you free training is that you agree under legal binding contract to work for that particular facility for a set amount of time which is normally a year.   You may not receive your training and then go to work for another facility unless it is in concert with the training facility.

Another perk of on the job training is that you can work while you are training.  Positions may be part time or full time.  Your training will usually range from 4 to 6 weeks in length and is geared at your own pace. While training, you will become well versed in various aspects of basic patient care, such as bed making, feeding, bathing, and how to obtain vital signs.  You will learn how to demonstrate appropriate bedside manner, how to deal with difficult situations regarding residents and even family members, and when and how to report when something isn’t right.  You will be taught how to safely care for your patients and how to keep yourself healthy by performing safe health care practices. These practices will include consistent utilization of universal precautions and of proper body mechanics along with observation of appropriate barrier and bag precautions and regular practice of proper hand washing techniques. You will also learn how to remain within your scope of practice.  A nursing home is an excellent place to become familiar with your basic health care skills as you will use them frequently on a daily basis.

At the end of your training you will be required to pass a state mandated exam which will question you on various areas of your training.  If you have a passing grade, you will receive your certification from the state and can become legally employed as a C.N.A.  Then you will fulfill your contract for your sponsoring employer as a paid C.N.A.

If you are interested in becoming a state certified nurse assistant and are in need of financial assistance, do not discount your local nursing homes and long term care facilities as a means of financial assistance.  There are several programs that are available to you in your state and they are out there for the taking.  All you have to do is take the time to inquire.

Written by Stephanie Dubenezic RN, LPN

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    I would like to find a nursing home that would pay for me to go to school. Does either of you know of one? I was an aide back in Illinois but my license has lapsed

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