How to Get Your First CNA Job

You might be wondering how to get your first CNA job if you are planning to train and work as a certified nursing assistant or if you have recently received your certification.  There are steps you can take to obtain your first job as a certified nursing assistant.

You can actually try to get your first CNA job before you complete your certification.  Some healthcare providers will hire you to work as a nursing assistant and then will pay for and/or provide your training.  This is particularly common in nursing care settings and any type of continuing care community.

If you are hired to work as a nursing assistant for an employer that pays for your training, you will need to work for that employer for awhile.  The employer will let you know how long you must agree to work from them if they pay for all fees associated with your certification.

You can search for cna jobs in several different locations.  Nursing care facilities, continuing care communities and long-term care facilities hire certified nursing assistants.  Some hospitals hire CNAs to work with patients.  Rehabilitation centers also hire nursing assistants.

Home health agencies hire certified nursing assistants.  These groups hire nursing assistants to work with patients of all ages and health conditions in their own home.  Sometimes an individual or their family will hire a certified nursing assistant to provide private care.

You can search for your first cna job by contacting any of the above type of healthcare facilities.  Ask to speak to someone in the human resources department.  Tell that individual that you recently received your nursing assistant certification and are looking for employment.

It is also possible to find employment by search the classified ads in your local newspapers.  Search for any job ads looking for nursing assistants.  Nursing assistants are often in high demand especially in communities with a large aging population.

You might want to search online classified ads for jobs as well.  Look for nursing assistant positions that are available in your area.  Online classified ads are also a good option if you are willing to relocate for a position as a nursing assistant.

Your nursing assistant training program can also be a valuable resource when you are wondering how to find your first cna job.  The instructor for your training class might know of certified nursing assistant job openings or of employers that have a steady need for nursing assistants.  Some training programs might even offer job placement assistance if you are looking for your first job.

Job fairs can be a good resource if you are looking for your first cna job.  You can attend a job fair to meet with potential employers.  Healthcare facilities often set up at job fairs and many of these facilities have a need for qualified nursing assistants.

Do not worry too much about finding your first cna job.  It is usually not too difficult to find employment as a nursing assistant by checking with healthcare facilities and home health agencies in your local area.

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