How to get Free CNA Training from State Nursing Boards

The State Board of Nursing is a state governed organization responsible for ensuring the safe practice of working nurses under the Nursing Practice Act.  There is a State Board of Nursing for each state and though their principles may vary to some degree, the sole purpose of the Board is to public protection by means of regulating and enforcing safe practice guidelines.  One of the ways the Board of Nursing provides a safe environment of practice is to ensure that the staff to patient ratio is met.  There is such a shortage of certified nursing assistants and other members of the nursing staff in some areas that the board may offer free C.N.A. and nursing training to ensure that this critical need is met.

If you are seeking free C.N.A. training, then the State Board of Nursing for your state may be an excellent place to begin.  The State Board will generally encompass a list of state accredited programs that may be of assistance to you on your way to becoming a C.N.A.   The State Board not only offers C.N.A. training to those who meet the financial criteria, but they also may provide means of support to those who fail to meet the financial criteria for the free program.

One of the ways the State Board may offer assistance is that the Board can direct you to participating universities and vocational or technical schools that may offer a scholarship program. You must meet financial criteria and qualify academically as well.

The Board may also provide a list of accredited hospitals or that provide on the job training.  You can receive an education by working at the hospital, provided that you sign a contract to work for the facility once your training has been completed and you have been certified.  The work contract is prearranged and specifies that you to retain employment at the facility for a particular amount of time following your certification as a C.N.A.

The State Board of Nursing can also provide you with the appropriate channels to follow to apply for government aid by means of a grant or work program.  You must again fall into a specific financial category to obtain this means of assistance.

The State Board of Nursing may offer other means of assistance for you to receive financial assistance in addition to those afore mentioned.  You should contact your local State Board of Nursing to find out which programs may be available for you in your state.  If possible, make an appointment to meet with someone at the State Board of Nursing to discuss which types of assistance you may be qualified to receive.  Find out in advance what you need to bring with you as you may be asked to bring proof of your current financial situation.

The State Board of Nursing is primarily funded by the monies received from board members and all forms of nursing staff by means of licensure renewal payments and other financial expenses regarding licensure and law as mandated by the Nursing Practice Act.  In addition to these funds, the State Board may also receive a small amount of support from the U.S. government by which to provide financial assistance to those in need.  On occasion, the State Board may also offer direct assistance and can waive the fees required for C.N.A. training courses if the financial criterion is met.  Anyone in need should be made aware of the financial resources available for the betterment of their lives.

The State Board of Nursing for your state may offer different programs than those mentioned above.  You should contact the State Board of Nursing for the state in which you reside to find out which programs are available to you in your home state.  If you are in need of assistance to attend an accredited C.N.A. program and you feel that you may be qualified to receive financial aid to help you to obtain an education, then the State Board of Nursing may be able to point you in the right direction and move you one step closer to meeting your goal of becoming a certified nurse assistant at little or no cost to you.  All you have to do is check it out.

Written by Stephanie Dubenezic RN, LPN

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    Hi my name is Raykiesha Nash. I currently work with Indiviuals with disibilities. I currenrtly work under a R.N license. I am a med tech, i am cpr and first aid certified. I have had other trainings through the company i work for. I’ve been working for this company for 13 years. I want to know how can i obtain C.N.A license?

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