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You have decided that you want to train to work as a certified nursing assistant (cna).  You will need to find a state approved cna training course.  These courses are not very expensive; however, you might still be hoping to find free cna classes.  There are a potential ways to receive cna training for free.

Some healthcare facilities (particularly nursing care facilities) will offer free cna classes.  In order to receive classes for free, you will need to be hired to work as a nursing assistant for that facility.  You must agree to work for that nursing care facility for a specified amount of time.  If you enter into an agreement to do so, you will not be charged for your nursing assistant training.

It is important to talk with your employer or any healthcare facility where you would like to work to determine if they offer free cna classes.  Not all nursing care facilities are able to offer training for free.  If you are already working in a healthcare facility and want to change your career to work as a nursing assistant, ask your employer about the possibility of paying the cost of your nursing assistant training for you.

Many states allow Medicare Approved nursing care facilities (including long-term care communities) to reimburse individuals for their nursing assistant training.  You might be required to pay for your training out of your own pocket but then have those fees reimbursed when you obtain employment.  Make certain to keep all your receipts from your tuition, books and any testing for your nursing assistant training.

It might be possible to receive free cna classes if you are currently unemployed.  There are programs available in most states and local communities for people who are unemployed and looking to start a new career.  One of the options might be for training as a certified nursing assistant especially if you live in an area where CNAs are in high demand.

Free CNA classes might be available to you through unemployment programs.  This is something to consider if you are currently out of work and know that you would like to try a new career as a nursing assistant.  You will most like need to attend training courses that are approved by the program you are using to pay for your course.

Some community colleges and technical schools offer training for individuals who want to work as certified nursing assistants.  These programs do have tuition and fees associated with them.  This might still be an option; however, if you are looking to find free cna classes, Courses that are offered at colleges sometimes qualify for grants and other forms of financial aid.  It might be possible to receive enough financial assistance to cover all of the cost of your nursing assistant training.  Additional assistance is often available to individuals who have served in the armed services.

Even if you cannot find free cna classes that will work for you, do not give up on your hope to become a nursing assistant.  Training courses for CNAs are very affordable.  You can often find programs that cost you less than $500.  These programs can still prepare you well for the nursing assistant exam and a career as a CNA.  Just make certain that you enroll in CNA training programs that are fully approved by the state.

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