CNA Skill: Placing the patient in a side-lying position

If you need to place a patient into a side-lying position, you will need to wash your hands and put on gloves.  Greet your patient while also explaining what you are going to do.  Ask a colleague to come in to help you for a few minutes.

The level of the bed should be raised until it is at a comfortable height.  You will move the patient near the side of the bed that they will not be laying on by using the draw sheet.  You can then pull the patient onto his or her side by grasping the draw sheet and pulling.  Ask your patient to grab onto their side rail while you move them into position (if they are able to do so).

You can then place a pillow under his or her back to give support for the back, Once that’s done you should have a pillow under there arm and upto 2 pillows or a bath blankets between their knees for added comfort and good support for the patient.

After you are sure that the patient is safe and comfortable in there side position, you can ask to leave. Remember to take off your gloves, wash your hands as always properly before attending another patient.

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