CNA Job Training

For CNA Students

You cannot work as a certified nursing assistant without completing training and passing the nursing assistant certification exam for your state.  The training programs teach you the skills you need to provide assistance with activities of daily living for patients whether it be in a healthcare or home health setting.  The program will offer both classroom and clinical training to get ready for a job as a CNA.

The first portion of your CNA Training will include lectures, lab work and demonstration.  You will receive the foundation you need to start your hands on training.  The class will provide you with the background you need to provide compassionate care to patients.  Once you complete your classroom studies, you will have to complete the clinical studies.

A CNA job training is when you are actually being paid to complete your nursing assistant training.  This is seen most often in long-term care, continuing care and other skilled nursing care training settings.  These facilities will often hire individuals to work as a nursing assistant and then provide the training they need to become certified.  The employer will often offer you the training for free and to pay you for the hours that you are receiving training.

If you need to be earning an income while you are completing your CNA training, you will want to look for training programs that can offer you a CNA training job.  You can work on starting your new career without needing to worry that you are not earning an income while you are learning your new career.  Keep in mind that you might only receive minimum wage (or a little more) for your CNA training job.  Your income will increase after you complete training, pass your certification exam and receive your nursing assistant certification.

Even if you are not paid for your CNA training, your clinical portion will be much like a job.  You will be performing many of the same tasks and duties that you will perform once you start to work officially as a nursing assistant.  You will interact with patients and other members of the medical staff in order to learn what it is like to work as a CNA.

For Training Professionals

If you are a professional nurse with more than two years or more of experience in your field, you might be interested in teaching CNA job training.  You can teach nursing assistant training courses to individuals who want to start a career as a CNA.  It will be necessary to follow curriculum guidelines set forth by the state for the training program.  However, you will still have some flexibility in designing your course.

It can be challenging and yet rewarding to teach individuals for a job as a nursing assistant.  If you are not a nurse but rather another healthcare professional, you might also be eligible to help teach nursing assistant training courses.  This will depend on the regulations in your state.  In most cases, the nurse will be the primary instructor while other healthcare providers can help to provide additional training and information for students.

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  1. bobbie race January 24, 2011 at 11:12 pm #

    Looking for a job at a nursing home or hospital, etc., that provides on the job training for a CNA lisence in overland park, Kanasas or kansas City Missouri..tnank you

    bobbie race

  2. Catherine March 7, 2011 at 5:10 pm #

    Check out our page on Free CNA Classes in Missouri for more details.

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