CNA Education

CNA education is the education that an individual needs to be able to work as a certified nursing assistant.  Education to become a CNA involves a training course with both classroom and clinical instruction.  Upon completion of this course, you will need to take a competency exam and pass the exam for your certification.

Before Becoming a CNA

Before working as a certified nursing assistant, you will need to enroll in CNA training classes that are approved by the state.  The cna education classes will provide you with the background information you need to begin a career providing basic care for patients while always maintaining their dignity and privacy.

Your classes will teach you how to prevent accidents and to keep patient’s safe.  CNA training teaches you the proper way to take vital signs and to maintain charts.

CNA education classes will teach you the most common duties and skills you need to perform as a nursing assistant.  You will learn how to help patients bathe and dress. The course will teach you to bathe and change patients who are too ill to do so themselves.  At all times you will be maintaining a patient’s dignity and treating them with respect.

Your training will teach you to rotate patients who are unable to move well on their own.  You will learn how to prevent bedsores.  These are just a few of the skills that your training will teach you.  It will be important to pay close attention and to ask for help if needed when you are training.

The cna education classes prepare you for a job as a nursing assistant.  The courses are designed to make certain you know how to complete all cna duties in a manner that is safe for you and your patients.  Courses will try to help you with every aspect of your work including developing good communication skills.

You will sit for the nursing assistant competency exam after you complete your training.  If you have enrolled in a good training course and taken the time to prepare and practice for your exam, you should do quite well.  Once you pass both parts of the certification testing, you can become certified.

After Certification

CNA education does not end once you receive your certification.  There are changes and updates in the healthcare industry on a regular basis.  To ensure that you are always ready to provide the best care for your patients, you will be required to complete continuing education credits each year.

Your education will continue throughout your career as a nursing assistant. You will need to complete continuing education credits.  Sometimes you will need to attend training in a classroom setting.  There will be other times when you simply need to attend in-services to further develop your skills.

It is necessary to complete the required number of continuing education credits each year in order to retain an active certification.  If you do not complete the state mandated number of credits, your license will lapse and it will need to be renewed.

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