CNA Courses

Before Certification

CNA courses are courses designed to train individuals who wish to work as nursing assistants.  These courses will prepare students for their career and will make sure they have the knowledge they need to sit for the state competency nursing assistant exam.

CNA courses can also refer to courses that nursing assistants must take throughout their career.  Every nursing assistant must complete continuing education credits each year to keep them informed on the latest information in the field of nursing care.

When an individual is searching for a training course to start a career as a CNA, it is essential for them to look at details on more than one course.  Some courses are more in depth than others and some will better prepare students for the nursing assistant exam.  For example, students who complete CNA training through the American Red Cross seem to do better on the exam than graduates from many other training programs.

There are even nursing assistant training programs that are offered online.  When looking into these courses, an individual must make certain that the course is approved for their state or employment.  It is important to keep in mind that clinical instruction will be completed offline.

It is imperative that anyone who intends to receive nursing assistant certification find a course that has been approved by the state in which they plan to work.  A course that is not approved by the state will not make a student eligible for the nursing assistant exam (and therefore he or she cannot become certified).

Students should look for nursing assistant courses that meet their needs.  If an individual wants to become a nursing assistant in a very short time, they can look for fast-paced courses.  Individuals should decide whether they want to and are able to train on a part-time for full-time basis.

CNA courses are typically offered at various locations.  Most nursing care facilities offer training classes.  The same is true of many community college and allied health colleges.  Many nursing schools and programs now offer nursing assistant training.  Dozens of chapters of the American Red Cross provide nursing assistant training.

Nursing assistant courses are very affordable with most costing less than $1000.  Also, many employers will pay for individuals to receive their training and certification or will reimburse individuals upon hiring them to work as certified nursing assistants.

After Certification

Nursing assistants will need to take some training courses after they have become certified.  Every nursing assistant will need to finish some additional training each year to retain an active certification.  This training is designed to keep nursing assistants up-to-date and to make certain they always have the training they need to provide the best care.

Training for current CNAs is often provided by the employer.  In many cases, a nursing assistant will not need to pay out of their own pocket for this additional training. Sometimes training simply involves a day of in-service instruction.  Some training for additional credits might be available online as well for nursing assistants who must maintain continuing education each year.

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