Certified Nursing Assistant

A certified nursing assistant is commonly referred to as a CNA.  A CNA will work in a healthcare setting including home health settings.  Nursing assistants provide some base level care for patients who are injured or ill.  There is a process individuals must follow in order to receive certification as a nursing assistant.

Anyone who wishes to start a career as a certified nursing assistant must complete training.  Training must be through a state approved CNA course.  The course must be completed in its entirety.  After completing cna education courses, students will then need to take and pass a certification exam.  It is after all of that his completed than an individual can become a certified nursing assistant.

There are some characteristics and features that someone should have if they want to be a nursing assistant.  A nursing assistant cannot be afraid of hard work or long hours.  Nursing aides often need to work long shifts and are not able to sit down very much.
A nursing assistant must be able to work under the direction of other healthcare providers and to follow instructions very carefully.  It is essential to be patient when working as a nursing assistant.  Some tasks that must be completed by nursing assistants are not glamorous.

Certified nursing assistants provide a wide range of tasks for patients.  Nursing assistants work in long-term and continuing care communities.  They are in high demand in skilled nursing facilities.  Some hospitals and rehabilitation centers also hire nursing assistants.  Home health agencies utilize nursing assistants as well.

A CNA will help a patient with a range of activities depending on the patient’s condition.  Some individuals will simply need help with their activities of daily living.  They might need some help with dress, grooming, moving around or eating.
There will be patients who need a more extensive range of care.  Some individuals are not able to toilet on their own or to eat on their own.  Nursing assistants often take steps to help prevent bed sores in patients who are unable to be mobile.

Nursing assistants monitor vital signs and might be asked to document other important details about a patients care and condition in their chart as well.  In home health settings, nursing assistants are often able to provide some companionship and light household duties for clients in addition to nursing related services.

A job as a certified nursing assistant is an entry-level healthcare position.  Nursing assistants typically make between $11 and $15 per hour. The rates vary depending on the state where someone works and how long they have been working as a nursing assistant.

Some states offer opportunities for nursing assistants to specialize.  They can therefore earn even more income.  Some home health agencies pay their nursing assistants higher rates especially for those who must travel around a lot to work with clients.

A job as a certified nursing assistant can be rewarding for anyone who wants a job where they can make the difference in the lives of people who are suffering from health problems or difficulty with activities of daily living as they age.

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