Become a Certified CNA

A certified CNA is a nursing assistant who has obtained certification.  In order to become a certified cna, an individual needs to complete training requirements according to both state and federal standards.  Certification requires training classes designed for individuals who want a career as a CNA as well as a CNA competency exam.

Education Process

It only takes a few weeks and several hundred dollars to train for work as a nursing assistant. The length of training time will vary from one state to another.  Courses must include at least 75 hours of study though many training programs offer much more training time than that.

Anyone who is interested in working as a certified CNA must take a training program that is approved by the state and meets all federal and state requirements.  A nursing assistant training program provides individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to take (and pass) the certification exam and to work as a certified nursing assistant.

Job Duties

An individual who works as a certified CNA will provide a variety of basic care services to patients in healthcare settings.  Nursing assistants are seen most frequently in long-term care facilities and other nursing care facilities.

Nursing assistants help patients with a wide range of activities of daily living including:  bathing, dressing, grooming and eating.  Nursing assistants often help patients to remain mobile and help to rotate patients in their beds if they are not mobile.

A CNA will help to monitor a patient’s vital signs and to record any other important details about their care and condition.  Some nursing assistants are also responsible for helping individuals with their range of motion exercises.

Nursing assistants who work in home health settings often have some additional duties.  They are often responsible for proving their patient’s with some light household duties.  Home health nursing assistants sometimes provide companionship for clients and will also accompany clients to doctor’s appointments and therapy appointments.

A nursing assistant must provide kind and compassionate care for their patient’s at all times.  CNAs help to keep patients comfort when they are in a healthcare setting.  They answer call balls and provide a range of basic care services for patients.

Maintaining Certification

It is usually necessary to apply for recertification every two years when working as a nursing assistant.  Nursing assistants must fill out recertification paperwork (some of which is completed by the employer) and submit it to the State Board of Nursing or the Nursing Aide Registry (as required by the state).  Every year nursing assistants will need to complete some continuing education credits.  CNAs must work 150 hours each two years to be eligible for recertification.  If a certified CNA allows their certification to lapse, they might be required to retake the certification exam or to complete a training course again (it depends on the state).

Working as a certified cna can be a rewarding career especially for individuals who like to help others.  Some nursing assistants will go on to become nurses or other healthcare professionals.

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