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How to Handle Stress as a CNA

Some people are uncertain about becoming a certified nursing assistant when they hear that the job can be very stressful.  Don’t let this discourage you- nursing is a very rewarding and valuable career with far more benefits than stress.  The trick to being successful is knowing how to deal with the stresses that come with […]

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Salary to expect working as a CNA

It is important to educate yourself about the CNA salary and pay scale if you are considering or starting a career as a certified nursing assistant.  Generally speaking, this is an entry level career choice.  You will earn more than minimum wage but will be limited in your earning potential even after years of employment. […]

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CNA Training Program Information

Work as a certified nursing assistant can be rewarding but also quite challenging.  If you are considering a career as a CNA, you will need to know that the job is not always glamorous.  You will be providing basic level care for individuals who are ill or who have serious health problems.  But you will […]

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Become a Certified CNA

A certified CNA is a nursing assistant who has obtained certification.  In order to become a certified cna, an individual needs to complete training requirements according to both state and federal standards.  Certification requires training classes designed for individuals who want a career as a CNA as well as a CNA competency exam. Education Process […]

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CNA Training Programs

CNA training programs are designed to prepare you for work as a certified nursing assistant.  If you want to become a CNA, you must complete a training program that is approved by the state.  You will then need to sit for the CNA competency exam.  It will be necessary to pass this exam before you […]

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