Free CNA Training from the Job Corps

There are many individuals who may feel defeated by circumstance.  The promise of a higher paying job and the ability to reach one’s full potential just doesn’t seem possible due to surmounting financial burden.  Many people are living from paycheck to paycheck while simply trying to care for themselves or their families.  Taking time off […]

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CNA Resume sample for someone with no experience

A resume is very important as it is the first glimpse an employer will have of a potential employee.   As a C.N.A. you must know that the field of health care is a highly competitive and challenging line of work.  Therefore, you must ensure that your resume is a proper reflection of your capabilities.  Here […]

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CNA Interview Questions and Answers

The hiring process for a CNA begins with an application followed by a resume, and if you are fortunate, you may receive an invitation to an interview.  There are a few things to consider before attending an interview. An interview is a potential employer’s first true impression of you.  Your CNA Resume was a success, […]

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CNA Ethical and legal issues

As a professional member of the health care team, there are certain ethical and legal issues that must be upheld by the Certified Nurse Assistant.  Many of these ethical issues involve a little common sense on your part, but it is always good to know your limitations for your place of employment. First of all, […]

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How to be Professional as a CNA

A career as a Certified Nurses Aid can be a very rewarding experience but you must uphold a certain level of professionalism to be successful in this complex and challenging industry. As a Certified Nurse’s Aide you are expected to maintain a certain level of professionalism from appearance and personal demeanor to technical competency. The […]

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Building Rapport with the Patients

Part of being a successful nurse is being able to build a good rapport with your patients. Your day will go much better if your patients respond well to you. It will also be easier for you to help your patients if they like you and feel that they can trust you. No one wants […]

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Difference between CNA and HHA

A CNA is an individual who has completed nursing assistant certification training and who has passed the exam for certification. On the other hand, HHA refers to home health aides. Home health aides are not always required to hold a certification though in most cases there are some licensing or certification requirements. There are some […]

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Characteristics of a Successful CNA

There are many characteristics of a successful CNA.  A CNA will excel in their career and provide the best possible care for their patients if they have some great attributes.  Let us look at 5 characteristics of a successful.  Of course, these are just a few of the characteristics of a good CNA.  CNAs will […]

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Finding CNA classes to meet your needs

You will need to locate CNA classes in your area if you want to become a certified nursing assistant.  Before you can become certified as a nursing assistant, you will be required to complete and pass a state certified training course as well as the CNA certification exam. There are many places to look for […]

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Preparing for the NCLEX Exam

Passing the NCLEX exam is a major hurdle that you will have to pass before you can become a practicing registered nurse.  Like any other part of your career, preparation is the most important part of the process.  You already know that you have to study, but the following are eight tips that can help […]

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